2018: The Road so Far…

It’s almost hard to believe that it’s March already! Spring is in the air, all though in Colorado the warm spring breezes often give way to bitter cold and driving snow, it’s hard not to come down with a touch of Spring Fever.

So far, 2018 has been a great year for Sabrina Ehlert Art!

This year, my main focus and goal is to fully transition from a part time casual artist, into a full time professional artist so that by the end of the year everything that I earn will be revenue generated from art. As Spring begins to bloom, so does the first buds of artistic independence.

It started with opening my new, larger, studio in Downtown Longmont.

On January 20, I celebrated my grand opening with a small celebration in my studio!

A larger studio mean more space and room for more art, which is what I’ve been working diligently on creating. More art also means more opportunity to show my work. In February, I participated in my first RAW Natural Born Artist showcase.

Booth set up for the RAW Artists Envision Showcase. In addition to the artwork I also made the hat and jewelry out of quilled paper.

The showcase, Envision, was the first time I had work on display in Denver and it was a great way break into a wider market. I got to meet so many people, and my work was very well received. In addition to the RAW Artist showcase, I’ve also been accepted into the Denver Arts Festival in May and Downtown Loveland Art Festival later this summer in July.

This year, I’m not only creating and showing more work, I’ve been partnering with local breweries and hosting Paint and Pint nights in taprooms.

Paint and Pints @ Left Hand Brewing January 17, 2018

In these events, I walk participants through the process of creating their very own painting all the while enjoying great local craft beer. It’s a great way to share a little bit about what I do, and give people the opportunity to try their hand at painting and just have a good time. So far this year, I’ve hosted events at Left Hand, Open Door, Wibby Brewing, and Longtucky Spirits.

Quaffs and Quills at Wibby Brewing February 7, 2018

Going forward, I have plans to be in St. Vrain Cidery and Gravity Brewing in March and I’m looking to expanding into other taprooms later this spring and summer.

What’s coming

Currently, I’m working on creating new art for the Denver Arts Festival coming up May 26 & 27. I will have a booth to myself at the Festival with work on display and for sale. When I’m not working on making new art, I will be hosting Paint and Pint nights. Coming up in March, I will be hosting events at St. Vrain Cidery, March 21, and Gravity Brewing, March 27. On March 9, Downtown Longmont Creative District will host its monthly 2nd Friday Night, inviting people to come downtown and walk around to the many small studios and galleries that make up Longmont’s Creative District.

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