Throwback Thursday: Eclipsed

I just recently finished a new piece that is a bit of a throwback to a piece I’d created a couple of years ago that became one of the first pieces of art I’d ever sold. I figured for Throwback Thursday, I’d share the piece I’d originally created.

This piece was created during a time when I was fully entrenched in my Wild Horses series. It was an opportunity to take a break from the horses and indulge in something completely whimsical and bright. I’d done a couple of other pieces in that same vein for a friend– a sun and a moon and I wanted to combine them on a single canvas.

When it was finished, another friend of mine snapped it up right away because it reminded him of a band back east he used to play with and he wanted the piece to send to them.

Recently, some of my current work has been revisiting themes and subjects from previous works. When I go back to an idea or theme I’d done before, no two pieces ever turn out exactly a like. Revisiting Eclipsed was a little like revisiting who I was when I created the original. Two years ago I was just starting to create and show art again after a ten year hiatus. I was taking the first steps down a path that after two short years has taken me pretty far.

Both pieces were fun to create, and it was a good experience looking back and seeing how far I’ve come and to also see that I still have a long way yet to go.

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