At Long Last… An Update!

I am abysmally slow at updating my blog with the latest happenings at Sabrina Ehlert Art, and there really is so much going on!

Last month, I set up for the first time at Denver Arts Fest. It was my first arts festival I attended as a vendor, and I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. Aside from the brutally hot temperatures, the festival was tremendously fun. Sadly, I wasn’t able to really spend a lot of time going around to the other booths, but when I did get an opportunity to look around discovered a couple of things. One, that there is a lot of artistic talent happening in and around Denver. Secondly, as far as I could tell, there’s no one else who makes art the way I do, making my work very original and unique.

SEA Booth Denver Arts Fest 5/26 -5/27/2018

Ultimately, I am very grateful to have been included in such a talented and eclectic group of artists.

After Denver, there’s no rest for the weary. The Loveland Arts Festival in July was unfortunately cancelled, but I was able at the last minute to get into the Downtown Aspen Arts Festival also in July. So, I’ve been very hard at work preparing art for this latest festival.

While my art was very much enjoyed by everyone who came by, and I sold some pieces that weekend, the Denver Arts Fest afforded me the opportunity to collect some much needed feedback regarding my work. One thing that I learned is that while large pieces are really impressive and cool to look at, they’re not always practical to purchase on impulse at an art festival. So while at the Aspen Festival I will have some of my large canvases on display and available for purchase, my focus for the body of work I will be bringing will feature more smaller pieces that will be easier to add to anyone’s art collection.

Bonsai Tree 10×10 Quilled Paper on Canvas coated in metallic paint. The start of a new series of smaller canvases.

In addition to more smaller works, I’m also playing more with variations of themes and subject matters that have been very popular among collectors of my works. As well as featuring new techniques and subjects that I’ve not created before.

All in all, life at Sabrina Ehlert Art has been very busy with lots of art creation happening. To stay up to date with some of the latest art work thats happening at SEA, follow my Instagram or like me on Facebook. And I’ll work to be better at keeping things at more up to date with the latest happenings and events.

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