Work in Progress: Commissioned Portrait

This piece is a commissioned portrait that will ultimately be done in the style of my Three Sisters series.

When I did the Three Sisters,I was playing with non-traditional coloring and the main focus of the pieces that stand out were theflowing locks of hair. What I was after was something a little whimsical and fun, and I was really excited at the prospect of creating a portrait for someone in that same style.

Photo Sep 05, 10 39 36 AM

To create this commissioned piece, I started with a light background and I thinned the acrylic until it is about the consistency of watercolor. While the inspiration pieces were very brightly colored, I opted to go a little more natural for this piece while still keeping the same sense of whimsy.

The next step for this piece will be to work with the paper to create the hair at which point this piece is going to pop. I’ll keep posting more images as I continue working on this piece and hopefully it should be finished in another week or so.

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