Upcomming Event: Paint in the Beer Garden

This year, I’ve been working hard putting on Paint and Pint events partnering with different taprooms and breweries.

I really enjoy putting together these events. I get to show people how to paint. For many of them, it’s the first time they’ve attempted anything remotely artistic or creative since they were children. And the best part, we all get to paint and make art while enjoying good craft beers.

Of the places where I’ve hosted a painting event, Crystal Springs Brewing Company has been one of my biggest and best supporters. All summer long, they’ve opened up their taproom every month so I can paint with their guests.

Later on this month, on September 23rd, I will be hosting a different kind of painting event.

Paint and Pints in the Beer Garden.


For this event, I will be at Crystal Springs Brewing Company’s Old Towne Taproom painting in their new beer garden. This will be my first outdoor painting event and I think it’s going to be one of the best ones. We picked later in September for this event so that the weather isn’t blazingly hot and uncomfortable, but still nice enought to be outdoors with out too much risk of bad weather.

We’ll be starting at Noon that Sunday afternoon, and there will be lots of time to enjoy the beautiful Colorado Fall weather while painting and drinking pints of Crystal Spring’s delicious beer.

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