Work in Progress: Elephant Hamsa

Hamsas are very meaningful and important symbols for me. The hamsa is an ancient symbol that is found in many different religious cultures. One of the most common beliefs is that this image is protective, warding off evil intentions and evil spirits, but it can also be a symbol of blessing; welcoming good intentions and good energies.

I love creating hamsas and working with their energy.

ElephantinRoomAnother image or symbol that I absolutely love and enjoy working with is the elephant. I created my first elephant last year when I opened up my studio. The image was very powerful and very meaningful for me, as I felt that I was working with the energies of  the Hindu God Ganesha who is considered to be the destroyer of obstacles. Opening an art studio, for me, was a bold move and one that broke through many obstacles and drove my art forward. Ever since, anytime I feel the urge to paint elephants I think of what kinds of obstacles I’m trying to break through in those moments.

Lately, I’ve been combining the hamsa imagery with elephants that has become something that’s super energetic and beautiful. Elephant imagry in hamsas is not a new thing, Hindu culture often mixes the two images, and for me it’s been a thrill to create hamsas with elephants in them.

My current Elephant Hamsa was the second in what I’m hoping will become a series of hamsas using elephant imagery and the chakra colors. Photo Aug 08, 12 03 58 PMI’m also mixing my pen and ink media with the acrylic paints and quilled paper for this series.

The green color represents the Heart Chakra, and the elephant being a destroyer of obstacles I’m inviting the energies to open or unblock the heart.

I’ve been working on this piece for a while. Sometimes pieces stop speaking to me or I have other work that requires my attention such as commission pieces. But I’m hoping to have this one completed soon.

Photo Sep 05, 12 37 21 PM

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