Throwback Thursday: Old Photography Prints

Years ago, my main media for making art was photography.

First it was analog 35mm film developed and printed in dark rooms, but as digital cameras became popular, better and more accessible, I dove right into the media of digital photography and image manipulation.

The biggest attraction to digital photography was the ability to skip the darkroom, with its chemicals, specialized equipment, and need for total darkness. Outside of school, I wasn’t really able to access darkroom equipment and I didn’t like the kids of sending out my film to be develop and printed by people who didn’t have the eye for how I wanted the pictures to turn out.

Digital photography allowed me to have total control over my pictures and I loved it!

My favorite types of photography back then were landscapes and flowers. I also really enjoyed selective color correction and enhancements, combining color and black and white elements, and and creating super high contrast.

Today in the studio, and until they’re all gone, I have a collection of prints that I created about 14 years ago at the height of my photography period.

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