Upcoming Event: Canvases and Cocktails

I’m still trying to get back into the swing of things this week after coming back from Seattle. I’ve started work on a new piece that is rather different from many of my recent works that I’m excited to share once it starts to develop a bit more but first…

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I am excited to share an upcoming painting event happening next week at Longtucky Spirits in Longmont!

Next Wednesday, October 17 from 6pm to 8pm, I’ll be hosting Canvases and Cocktails. I’ve put together a fun project that I’m super eager to share with everyone. I think it will be a cool pre-Halloween art project that will be fun for painters of all skill levels and abilities.

You don’t have to be a great artist, or even an artist at all to enjoy one of my painting events. I try to keep the atmosphere relaxed and fun, and if you don’t feel like painting the project as shown, well you can go off on your own creative tangent!

The main goal of my events is to bring people together and for some, getting them to step outside their comfort zone to try something new and different. Making art is such a great way to decompress and destress, and I want to share with people that even if they aren’t techically artists, they can still get a lot out of indulging in creative time.

In addition to painting, participants will have an opportunity to indulge in fine, handcrafted cocktails made by Longtucky Spirits. If you don’t enjoy spirits or alcoholic beverages, Longtucky can craft you a tasty non-alcoholic beverage.

So, if you’re looking for something fun and different to do on a chilly Wednesday evening, come on out to Longtucky Spirits! Preregistration isn’t manditory, but highly preferred and you can save a little money by going online at getting your tickets in advance.

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