New Art: Unbroken

Unbroken, 24×30 Quilled Paper and Acrylics on Canvas

This piece is the third piece I’ve completed using a pallet knife and minimal paper quilling. I’m really enjoying the processe of painting with a pallet knife. It’s taken some adjustment in terms of skill and technique and I’m learning that I need to have a lot more patience with the process, but what is immerging is exciting.

Working with a new skill/tool for painting takes me outside my comfort zone and I like what that process does for my art. When I’m not 100% comfortable with what I’m doing it tends to make me bolder, I loose some of the inhabitions I may otherwise have out of fear of messing up. Embracing the discomfort, I let go of fear and I give myself over to the medium and the process.

In addition to the piece, I also created a short video documenting the creation of the artwork. While I’ve often shared works in progress on my Facebook and Instagram pages, I’m wanting to share a bit more about how some of the artwork is created.

I’m still figuring my way around doing small art videos, but I’m thinking that I will be continuing to create more videos to go along with some of my work.

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